Obior does not offer a FREE subscription. When you create an account, you get a ten day free trial of our PRO package so that you can try everything Obior has too offer. To keep your website published after ten days you will need one of our subscription.

Obior has 3 different subscriptions:

LITE:  This is our basic subscription which includes unlimited pages, social media integrations (Instagram, Soundcloud, Youtube) and widgets.

  • Who is this package for? The Lite subscription is a great beginning point for music artists to see how their own website would look and function. Test out all features during your trial period to gauge your level of desired usage and seriousness.

STANDARD: The Standard subscription includes features like adding a browser icon, injecting custom code and using Google Analytics. For €9.99 a month, the STANDARD package is yours.

  • Who is this package for? Those that are ready to bring their website to the next level and are ready to share it with fans, promoters, and labels. A professional website always has its own domain. Change yours here to remove the after your artist name!

PRO: The Pro subscription includes everything Obior's platform has to offer! 

  • Who is this package for? A Pro subscription is for those artists who are serious about creating a marketing and promotional strategy for their brand. This subscription includes everything that Obior has to offer to contribute to those goals and those who are looking to bring their music to the next level and start a career from it.

All paid subscriptions can be charged on a per month basis or on yearly basis. We accept credit card, Paypal, iDeal, and other debit card programs. 

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