Find out here what each option in Design Editor does on your website:


Logo/Background: A logo is found at the top of your website. A background is commonly confused with homepage image. A homepage image is the main photo(s) or video on your... yes you got it... your home page. A background image is what is found on other sub-pages or the even parts of your website. 

Header: A header image is found on the top of a sub-page. For example: 


Background: If you choose not to upload a background image you can choose a color for you background here. If you do choose to upload an image then remember to change the color to opaque.

Overlay: This is the area that "lies" over the background image. You can choose a solid color or you can choose a color and fade it here: 

Artist Name: This is where you can change the color of your artist name. An artist name is present when a logo has not been uploaded.

Menu Background:
Color of background in your menu.

Color of text in your menu.

The color the text will change when the mouse hovers over it and for links.


Button Background/ Button Text: Color of buttons like those from Social Media Bar, or newsletter signups.

Lines: Color of lines on your website like this:

Footer Background/Footer Primary/Footer Accents: A footer is found at the bottom of your website.

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