Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine's search results.

For a search engine it's important that it can 'read' your content easily. This is accomplished by a number of things such as a good technical site, clear programming, accessibility and structure.

No worries, Obior has already taken care of this. But there's more. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others read the content of your site. Therefore you need to provide them high-quality, information-rich content. Make sure your pages contain useful information and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your topic.

When posting a new item on your news page keep these few things in mind for the best SEO results:

1. Give your post a clear title/header

Titles are one of the most important components of SEO optimization. They are often used on search engine results pages to display preview snippets for a given page, and are important for SEO, user experience and social sharing.

The title element of a web page is meant to be an accurate and concise description of a page's content. Try to input the most important keywords in it and make it no longer than 50-60 characters.

2. Always add text

Even if you are only posting a video or a track, always add text that explains what you are posting. Search engines do not understand the contents of a Soundcloud or Spotify track, so you need to literally spell it out.

Write a few lines which you give background information. Think about the words fans would type to find your pages and include those words in your post. Add the lyrics of the song you are posting, give some more information about the venue where you are going to play or explain with which musicians you've worked together on a track with, or which instruments you used.

3. Add SEO keywords

A keyword is a particular word or phrase that describes the contents of a Web page. Keywords are intended to act as shortcuts that sum up an entire page. They form part of a Web page’s metadata and help search engines match a page to with an appropriate search query.

When you post a new item on your news page or blog you can fill in keywords at the bottom of the page, in the 'Advanced Options' section.

Choose keywords that are both relevant to your page, and frequently searched. Separate your keywords with a comma. And note that ideally, your keyword tags should have approx. ten or fifteen words — twenty at the very most.

4. Add SEO descriptions

Description tags, while not very important to most search engine rankings, are still very important in gaining user click-through from a Google result page to your website. These short paragraphs are your opportunity to 'advertise' your content to searchers and to let them know exactly whether the given page contains the information they're looking for.

Fill in the description of your page each time you post news on your Obior website. You can fill in the description in the 'Advanced Options' section when you create a post.

The optimal length for descriptions are roughly 155 characters. Only use alphanumeric characters for descriptions, otherwise some search engines might cut off the description.

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