Welcome to Obior– an online platform to help bridge the gap between you and your fans, market your brand, and let your music be heard! This article will help you to get your Obior website off the ground quick and easy.

Domain Settings

Setting a domain up through Obior is very simple! Just search for your perfect domain, click register now, enter your details, finish the payment, and that's it! 

If you already own your domain, you can use it with your new website. We have a detailed help section about how to link your own domain to your website.

Website Settings

The place to optimize your website for Search Engines and see a preview of how your website will appear on search engines like Google. 

Code Injection 

To utilize this, it's important to first set up your Google Analytics, and then fill in your tracking ID. This allows for quick modifications to insert useful things like tracking codes and retargeting pixels.


Obior allows you to connect various social media accounts to your website, so once a page is made there is a real-time sync integration. This means when you post on the connected social platform you will see it immediately on your website, taking away yet another step in keeping fans up-to-date!

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