Welcome to Obior – an online platform to help bridge the gap between you and your fans, market your brand, and let your music be heard! This article will help you to get your Obior website off the ground quick and easy.

Add your logo (if you have one)

You can change your logo in the Design Editor under 'images' 400x100. You may also choose not to upload a logo, in the case that you don't have one yet.

Add a background image

 A background image is the image that appears on the odd areas of your website. This image is by default the image of your home page, but you can change it for a nice customization for your website. To change the opacity of it, you can do that by going to Colors > Overlay. 

Add a header image

A header image is the image that is at the top of a sub-page. 

Change the design to your liking

Use the Design Editor to adjust colors, fonts, images, and more, with familiar and easy-to-use controls. There's no coding needed at all. Advanced coders can use our Advanced Editor to access the HTML and CSS files.

Create a custom browser icon– Favicon

The little icons you see next to your name in the browser or when you bookmark a page is called a favicon. 

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