Welcome to Obior – an online platform to help bridge the gap between you and your fans, market your brand, and let your music be heard! This article will help you to get your Obior website off the ground quick and easy.

Set up widgets

Set up widgets that fit best with your goals and needs for music and brand promotion. We offer widgets that direct fans to your Facebook or Twitter page, or request an email through a newsletter signup, your Spotify playlist, and several others. Select the type of widget you want, fill in the details and click save. Widgets appear differently depending on the theme you have chosen.


This is the place you can see your fan data. Fan data can be collected in a number of ways through various widgets. Check out this article for more on this topic. You can export the list of fans to an excel or csv formatted document which then can be exported into email programs like Mailchimp. This is handy to do when sending out news, press releases, or new releases to those who want to stay up-to-date.

Set up your Social Media Bar

Your Social Bar is where buttons to your Social Media accounts can be found. The buttons will link directly to the link which you add– you may link to your personal page, your artist page, whichever you like. Depending on the theme you have chosen your buttons will be found in different places. 

Add a pop-up 

A pop-up is an introductory widget which has a call-to-action for your fans to see when they first arrive to your site. The type of pop-up can include various call-to-actions like hearing a new track or watching a new video. It's also smart to utilize it as a way to gather more emails from newsletter subscriptions. 

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