As basic as it seems, the importance of effective and clear page titles and descriptions is essential– and luckily easy to do with Obior! Just go to Settings > Website Settings > and fill in Site Title under 'Basic Settings' and Site Description under 'Search Engine Options'. 

A site title is what appears in:

  • Window title bars

  • Bookmark lists

  • Result lists from search services

Search engines place high importance on site titles that describe it's site's content thoroughly and correctly. Site titles are what dictates what visitors see first on a search, as it's what they have to click on in order to enter on to the site. Make sure to use titles that accurately describe your website.

A site description is what appears below your title.

A site's description should give a short and concise overview on the content which a visitor will find on the website. We recommend to use one or two sentences to keep it short and easily readable on search result pages. Descriptions should stand out, sound original and creative, and catch the eye of those who skim read.

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