Below you will find a list of widgets and what their uses can be and mean for your website and branding goals. 

Please note that the look and feel differs per theme.



For those that are active on Twitter and have quite a following already, or those looking for this, the Twitter widget will help you. Highlighting your feed will encourage website visitors that are also active on Twitter to follow you or tweet about you.


Spotify Player:

With this player, you can select a track you have on Spotify. Many people around the world use Spotify, and if they are encouraged to play your track on Spotify, they may end up playlisting it, playing it several times, and who knows– perhaps it will be picked up by Spotify someday! 

You can embed a specific track, an album or a playlist.

If you show an expanded playlist, you can do that with the Custom HTML widget. Read here about how to do that.


Soundcloud Player:

Soundcloud is also a very popular platform for fans and for other artists. This widget is great to showcase a single or a set. If you played at an event and it was recorded or recorded a set for a podcast– this is a great widget to highlight it on your website and gain more followers. 

You can embed an artist or a track.


Facebook Page:

A lot of fans will search on Facebook for an artist they like, make it even easier for them by promoting your artist page on Facebook. With this widget they don't even have to leave your page to give you a like. 


This widget is automatically on your website by default and is created by the social media connections you made while signing up for Obior. You can add even more links to your social platforms. Choose out of an extensive list of platform connections. We advise you to not choose more than 8. 


Newsletter Sign-up:

It's very important to collect the email data from your website visitors! Then you can later email them directly when you have news to give about gigs, new releases etc. Social media is changing and transforming every day, emails are here to stay.... at least for now and the foreseeable future. 


Download Gate:

This is another chance to collect the email address of the visitor, but with this widget, you can make it more enticing by offering a free download in exchange for their email. 


Beatport Player:

When you have a new release on Beatport and would like to promote the sale of it, this is the widget for you! 


Mixcloud Player:

Mixcloud is rising in popularity among artists, fans, radios, podcasts, events etc. If you are active on this platform, use this widget to highlight your latest activity. 



Are you an avid 'Snapper'? Snapchat is a great way for fans to create a personal connection with you as an artist and a brand. With the Snapchat widget, you can encourage website visitors to follow you on Snapchat. If you haven't already, start pimping your Snapchat with fun stories of your everyday life as an artist, make sure to include backstage shots! 


Custom HTML:

We have this option so users can include a widget we may have missed, or haven't built yet. Would you like to see a widget that isn't included in the list? Chat with us here and we will add it to our list!


Chordify allows you to practice, produce, and play along to your favorite music by showing you the chords/notes of a track for guitar, ukulele, and piano. Iframe code can be found by clicking the 3 dots next to the track.

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