Editing your pages and navigation is easy. Each page has a number of options you can set, such as editing the name of the page, SEO options of the page, hiding the page, and deleting it. You can even unpublish pages so visitors can’t see them while you’re editing.

Page types

  • Pages - Pages display in your website's menu and can have their own buttons which drop down below if you choose to stack them together. How do you do that? Just simply drag and page where you'd like it to drop under, and indent it to the right. Obior has all sorts of different page types like 'Home', 'News', 'Events', 'Music', 'SoundCloud', 'Photos', 'Instagram', 'Videos', 'About' and 'Contact'. They are easy to add and easy to customize as desired.

  • Sub-pages - These can be added and will show up in your menu as page name only. You will then have to add a page to drop down underneath. For example:

    Media {Sub page name}
    — Photos {Default page}
    — Videos {Default page}

  • Link - This option adds a main menu button that links to an external site, or can be a drop down page from another.

Publish options

  • Edit - When you edit a page you can change the name of how it appears on your website. Here you can also edit the page's keywords and description (meta description), otherwise it's automatically generated from your page content.

  • Published - Published pages will show up in your menu if they are set as active. You can change this status by clicking the eye– this changes the page as hidden. This is a handy tool to utilize if you are editing a page that you don't want visitors to see.

To edit pages: Content > Pages

Adding pages

  • Click 'Add Page or Section' > Choose which page you would like to add.

Re-ordering pages

  • Just drag and drop and order as desired. When you indent the page to the right it becomes a subpage of what its dragged under.

Renaming pages

  • Click on the settings icon to the right of the page and change the 'Name'. 

Deleting pages

  • Click on the trash can icon to the right of the page.

Note: Once a page is deleted, it cannot be restored.

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