This article explains how you can embed the event list on Facebook into your website. 

  1. Go to this link:

  2. You'll see a screen somewhat like this:

  • Enter your Facebook url

  • Enter events under Tabs

  • Set the width on 500. 

  • Set the height depending on your desired height. This depends on how many events you have or want to show. 

Click on Get code, you an find the button below the widget.

3. Click on IFrame

4. Copy the code.
5. Go to Obior, and create a new page or section. Choose Iframe

6. Change the name of the Page and paste the code.
7.  You can now Save and Close and the Iframe will be in your website, but it will be aligned on the left. To center the iframe add 

<p align="center">

before the code and


after the code.
It looks like this in Obior:

and like this on your website:

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