SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it helps how your website is shown in search engines like Google and how well people are able to find it.

On this page you can do a few things:
Change your Name
This is the name that is shown on your website if you haven't uploaded a logo.
You can also leave this empty.

Change your Site title
Your site title is not shown on your website, but in the browser tab and in the search results. Enter your artist or business name here and if possible, add some details about your business. A good example for an Italian restaurant in Pasadena would be something like:
Arturo's | Best Authentic Italian Restaurant in Pasadena, CA

Change your Site description
Your Site description is what shows up in the search results immediately below the Site title. Write a short description of who you are and what you do.

Add keywords
These keywords were really important, but Google is putting less emphasis on them. Nevertheless, just add a few keywords about your business. In the example of Arturo's in Pasadena we would enter something like:
Arturo's, Arturo's Italian restaurant, Italian restaurant Pasadena, Arturo's Pasadena, etc.

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