"An image says more than a thousand words" - so we underdtand when you want to create a page or section with photo albums.

Here are some of the ins and outs:

  • Create an album and upload images

  • Changing the order of your albums

  • Set a different photo as album cover

  • Delete a photo or album

  • Hide an album

Create an album and upload images 

To create an album, Add a Photo page and click on the +.
Hive your album a name and select photos or drag them to the dropzone.
If you want to upload larger batches we recommend to upload max 25 images at a time. You'll see a green status bar when the image uploads.

Changing the order of your albums/images

To change the order of your albums on your website, just drag them in the position you want. The new order is reflected on your website right away!
Within an album, you can also drag images into another position.

Make album cover

To set a photo as the album cover on your website, hover over the photo, click on the pencil and click on Make album cover

Delete a photo or album

To delete a photo, hover over the photo, and click on Delete. Confirm and the image is deleted.
To delete an album, hover over the Album and click on the X in the upper right corner.

Hide an album

You have the possibility to hide al album. This way you can temporary take an album offline without the need to re-upload again later. Go to an album and at the bottom you'll see a switch between Hide and Show. Click on the switch to change the setting.

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