Your home page is your first impression. Make it last with with high quality images, or a video.


With Obior, you have the control to make your homepage look the way you'd like it to look. With each theme the photo is meant to be a certain size in order for it to fit within the dimensions of the given theme for the homepage. 


We recommend the following dimensions:
Marquee theme: 1750px x 750px
Other themes: 1920px x 1080px

How to crop your photos?

We recommend a great FREE tool to edit and crop your images: BeFunky.

How to use BeFunky:

  • Go to the website of BeFunky and click on Get Started.

  • Click Edit a Photo

Drag a photo into the editor, or Click open and select an image. You can also search for Stock images:

  • Now, click on crop:

  • Now, enter the dimensions (1920 x 1080, or 1750 x 750 for Marquee theme).

Note! Sometimes it can be necessary to resize your image first. In that case, click resize in the menu, resize the image and then crop it. If you need help, please reach out to us!

To add text to your home slider, hover over the image and click settings.

VIDEOYou can set a YouTube or Vimeo video as your Home.
It's also possible to add a title and a button (use http:// for the link).
Please note that Autoplay is disabled by Chrome and  Firefox as of May 2018

If you want to switch between Photo and Video and it doesn't work, please refresh the page

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