Things you can do on the Content page:

  • Add a page

  • Change the order of the menu on your page

  • Create a submenu

  • Rename a page

  • Hide a page

Change the order of the menu of your page:

Example - if this is your menu on your website:

then within Obior, the content page looks like this:

You can drag the pages/ section in the order you want. 

The result:

Create a submenu

If you want to make a page a submenu of another page, just drag it to the right, below the the page you want it to be a submenu of.

The result:

Please note! One-pagers can not have submenu-pages. If you try to create a submenu, or if you have a traditional theme and you change to a one-pager, you'll see the following:

Just drag the item to the left to make it visible again.

Rename a page

To rename a page from the content page, click on the wheel: 

You'll see a pop-up where you can edit the name:

Hide a page

Click on the eye and the page will be hidden from the menu.

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