If you are selling your music (and merch) on Bandcamp, you might want to integrate your music on Bandcamp into your website:

Adding an album or track

To embed an album or track, go to the item on Bandcamp and click on Share/Embed

Then: click on Embed this album (or embed this track). You get to see a pop-ip. Select a style and in the following screen you can select some stuff like link colors.

Copy the link at the top left.

Now go to Obior. In the example below we explain how to embed this album in a new page, but it's also possible to embed anywhere else where there is a text editor, like news items.
Create a new custom Page or Section.
Click anywhere in the Text Editor and click on Source.

You see a pop-up after you click on Source. Past the Bandcamp code. It looks like this:

Click OK. You see a little Iframe in the editor. Double Click on it. You need to enter the Width and the Height. You can use the values that are in the bandcamp pop-up.

Click OK and Save. That's it.

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